The Shimba Hills were formed during the Pliocene period between 2 & 10 million years ago. They rise abruptly from the coastal plains up to an altitude of 450 mts and occupy an area of some 250 sq. km.

They have been classified as one of the world's 25 Centres of Plant Diversity with 1,311 recorded species. In addition to game drives there is a guided 4 km game walk to the Sheldrick falls.


The Shimba Hills National Reserve is situated equidistant between Mombasa and Diani being a 30 km or 45 minute drive away. The name originates from the Swahili for the sable antelope, Shambi, and is home to over 1,000 cape buffalo, 400 forest elephants, 2 giraffe (a pilot scheme with a view to adding an extra 18 in May 2008), sable antelope, wart hog and a healthy population of leopard.

Park entrance fees are as follows: Tourist $24, Resident 500 KSh, Kenyan 100 KSh Vehicle 300 KSh.

There are two accommodation possibilities; for the budget traveler the Shimba Bandas or those seeking comfort, the Shimba lodge.


Somewhat rustic but very competitively priced are 4 twin accommodation bandas with a marvelous view overlooking the valley below where on occasion leopard can be heard. They are self catering with a communal cooking facility comprising a two jet gas cooker plus all pots/pans and cutlery/crockery. Lighting is provided by a solar system using energy saver bulbs.

Prices are 1,000 KSh per person plus an extra 250 if the cooking facility is required, all payable at the gate. A night fire plus BBQ grill are provided gratis. Bookings can be made by phone on 0722 397460.

Exterior Interior Bathroom



Shimba lodge is an award winning wooden tree lodge in the middle of tropical rainforest. All the 30 rooms have balcony vantage points overlooking the waterhole. The rooms are small necessitating communal bathroom facilities but are cheerfull with big windows and a ceiling fan. The restaurant similarly overlooks the waterhole, which is floodlit after dark. For enquiries/reservations please email

Lodge Restaurant Walkway
Rates (HB): Non-resident sgl $135, dbl $170 suite $230 Resident sgl 4,000, dbl 7,000, suite 10,500