The "Bushbaby" association presents you its clothes collection.



Our goal is to promote the rich cultural heritage of the Swahili and East African materials. Our creations are a mixture of different styles. We blend traditional materials, such as kangas and kitenge, with modern designs.

The kanga is a mix of Arabian and African influences and is worn by Swahili women. They use it as a skirt, headwear, baby sling, shawl..... we make sexy dresses out of it. The kitenge is born of the meeting of Indian and African influences. It is worn on special occasions and used to decorate the house. The materials from Lamu were influenced by the Arab culture active on the island. They're bright and nice to wear.


Our friendly tailor is Jakob. You can find all our items at the shop at Stilts, opposite Ali Barbour's Cave Restaurant. You can also learn more about us by emailing

Also available is elephant dung (in a plastic jar) direct from the Shimba hills as a reminder of your trip to Kenya.